03-11 - October 20th, 2012, 6:34 pm
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[Posted by GentlePush on October 20th, 2012, 6:34 pm]

Ryan's kinda an idiot.


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[Posted by Odd1out (Guest) on October 20th, 2012, 8:54 pm]

Ryan, what kind of bodyguard are you?!
Your own client noticed the sound before you did! Who's really protecting whom, man?! Tsk-tsk.

(Aw Ryan...just continue being who you are! *Goofy grin*)

My, my... now who's this mysterious fellow?
Ahaha, I enjoy how your content-choice of the man's hip lends a sense of suspense for the next page.
Judging by Mark's expression, he looks rather weary of this stranger. As for the dialogue, I get the feeling that both men may know this guy!
...Or maybe Ryan's just the type who is easily impressed. Who knows~


[Posted by ErrePi on October 24th, 2012, 12:00 am]

@Odd1out: Well, there's a reason he's the cheapest, hahaha.

Ryan's just easily impressed. It is as Alex said. He's kind've an idiot.

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